UI Elements

Minimum research with maximum results

The challenge

With a set budget and tight timeline, the 153-page Spec Doc had to be enough to produce wireframes.

Very little research was conducted, other than documenting the extensive knowledge of the Directors. It was clear these guys knew their stuff, however, without a full Discovery Stage, was this going to be enough?

The problem

Tasked to create x3 large sets of wireframes by analysing and dissecting the Spec Doc. It did have a basic customer persona, overview of the business and a list of key processes. These were well documented along with an extensive list of requirements, functions and technical spec.

The outcomes

  • Putting the user first, we approached each sprint with a ‘What if?’ attitude
  • Conducting discovery sessions by interrogating the Spec Doc and/or Internet research to build up a clear picture of how best to design the wireframe sets
  • In conjunction with knowledge gained from previous projects and multiple client meetings, the iterative process resulted in:
    • Many complex layers
    • Hundreds of pages
    • Thousands of developer notes
    • Client sign-off to proceed to the next phase