The cost of not having workflow mapped out

The challenge

An investment company told us they didn’t have the budget or the need for the discovery stage.

``I know my clients like my own brother, so no need…``

The problem

With no discovery stage, the project went straight into the design stage.

Strategy based on a few verbal meetings with internal stakeholders;

  • No research was conducted
  • No customer or workflow journeys mapped out
  • We did, however, have a list of requirements and pain-points to avoid

The project started with only a 13-page Requirements Overview Doc as a guide along with a basic framework structure.

Using our knowledge and experience, we produced iterative sets of wireframes, each time going over the whole process with the stakeholders.

We did it, the last version ready for sign-off, based on experience, and a little bit of guesswork but we got there when – a stakeholder asked:

“What about the secondary sales channel?”

A sentence that changed the complexity of the project months into wireframing.

If only the four words, “What if this happens?” was asked in a discovery phase the following could have been avoided.

  • Wholesale changes
  • Project delay
  • Budget increase

The outcomes

  • Numerous calls with the main stakeholder, which led to a better understanding of the secondary customer journey
  • Using an iterative approach, we retrofitted the new sales channel into the wireframes